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This game was so damn funny

the game is so great and touching! I enjoyed it a lot!


🌼I loved the game, more than anything the character of Le Rose🌼

parsnip is a guy?

Dude looks like a lady

why does the game crash often? 

I tried tio play it but it always crashed


i want to play this game but it keeps crashing TOT

SAME ;-:

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I have seen this game played by one of my favourite youtuber and that's how I found him. I also loved the athmosphere of the game enjoyed the endings. I love the contrast of cute art style and the story :) Anyway I plan to play this very soon and finaly play it for myself.

(youtuber was manlybadasshero)

How many endings are there? Is there a happy ending?

I think if you just kill the sheep

omg lol I thought I recognized the art mattpat played this on gtlive 


This was so cute!! XD

I mean it was also super creepy.. But it was just so cute!! XD
I loved it so much! The story was awesome! and also very dark. XD

But it was also very cutesy! Parsnip is just adorable!! XD
I loved all the characters they were all so cute!! XD

I really loved this game the art style and story was amazing!

And I just had so much fun with it! ^-^

Thank you for this!! ^-^

can some one please help me Parsnip is not working it just keeps crashing!

cute game


Very unexpected twists, love these types of games! Keep up the great work :)

Hey I wanted to know where I can find more art similar to this, I think the twitter was disabled or something. More cute girly boys, yay


its a good game but after about one minute it crashes. Every. Single. Time. please fix this  :(


Cute game that lasts half an hour, fun dialogues and with a curious and unexpected twist. Really nice


Just finished playing this game for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it and the art style. Creepy with a splash of cuteness.


Keeps crashing🤷‍♀️


This game is so freakishly disturbing. At first I was surprised with the lack of music, but it actually made the game so much better. Cute animal characters, "innocent" storyline and... the silence. And the sounds coming from this one particular house. Gave me chills. Some people mentioned crashing but it worked well for me, no troubles whatsoever.  I already got the sequel to this one. And here's my gameplay :


Would love to experience it if it didn't crash after a minute or two.

I do not know how you guys do it, wow. Nice work! Reminds me of cartoons... :)

Would you port all of the parsnip games to mobiles as they all can work via touch (depending if engine alows it)

Delightful. I was surprised in a great way. Love the artwork and silly dialogue.


It keeps crashing on me :C idk if someone knows how to fix it or something. I was so excited to play it but lit every 30 seconds it crashes. I tried uninstalling it and installing it again, i tried playing it from the app and from the downloads file and it keeps crashing :( please help

One of my current game projects is a sort of basic point n' click adventure game/visual novel kind of thing. I was just an hour ago looking at some other games for studying purposes, when I stumbled upon this one in particular.

I'd definitely recommend it sometime if you have forty-five minutes to kill. It's very charming, and a bit funny.

That aside, it also pretty much perfectly captures the game play I was looking to use. I personally aspire for something a bit more complex, however this does a great job teaching the fundimentals about creating this sort of

thanks for the game

The game is adorable, and there are so many funny moments within the game. Found the game more of a dark comedy than horror, though still it was a lot fun to play.

Can’t wait to play the sequel, to see where the story goes.

hey, so I saw Manly play this a while back and I’ve been trying for months to play parsnip, but it won’t open. Like at all. And I have no idea why, I seem to have all the files, and I try clicking the file with parsnips face on it, but nothing happens. I just double click, or click the open button, and nothing opens. I sometimes get a pop up saying something is wrong but I always seem to forget what it tells me and it makes me unreasonably upset to see it and I have a bad habit of just deleting all error type messages and not reading them. Anybody have any tips on how to get it to work?


Interesting game with fun story and no music.

I read the reviews about this game being poorly optimized and was expecting for it to crash during game play. But lo and behold, nothing happened and I was able to play the entire game without any issues. 

Now for the critique: 

Fun artwork, I enjoyed the watercolor backgrounds and foregrounds. Animation was solid and felt like the developers wanted to give the game a 1920's animation feel. 

This is essentially "Fetch Quest, the game". You use your mouse to guide yourself left or right. The game "world" is rather small, but that's okay. Small games are okay.

Parsnip is just a guy who is adorable with bows on boots. Who wants to eat a cake and nothing is going to stop him. This game teaches kids how to make friends and living ignorantly blissful of one's surroundings. Multiple endings made this fun.

IT DIDN'T HAVE ANY. This game was so quiet I could hear my own thoughts. There was a section where I could hear and that was cool, but the same effect could have happened with music. 

I would recommend playing this if you had 45 mins - 1 hr to spare. The story was fun, satanic, and there was cake involved. I wouldn't want to live near  Parsnip though, I'm on LaRose's side. 

P.S. 420 blaze it, find Tom Preston.


Played this game a few months ago and recently I uploaded a video! loved this game, the twist was awesome! :D

Well, you weren't lying, it IS poorly optimized! After updating and resetting my computer and uninstalling and reinstalling, the can't go for longer than a minute before it crashes back to my desktop. A shame since I really wanted to enjoy this.

I really wanted to play, but it kept on crashing. 

Wait, is this horror?

yes, it has dark themes and dark humor. spoiler warning, squirrel girl gets kidnapped and dies in one of the endings, parsnip also accidentally kills everyone in the same ending


Experiencing a lot of crashes right away :(

Okay, put it through a series of timed tests. After one minute, the game always crashes. It doesn't matter what I'm doing at the time.

If Parsnip is walking, standing still, looking at something, or talking to someone, it will crash. If I have the bag open, it will crash. Even if I just leave the start menu open for one minute, it still crashes.

I'm playing on Windows 10, but it acts the same way on compatibility mode for Windows 8 and Vista. The game still allows me to save and load during the one minute time frame, but it's unplayable as soon as I get to the first conversation with Bell, which takes about 50 seconds going as fast as possible. I can't save fast enough to get out of the loop.

I've re-downloaded it three times using three different file extraction methods, but I continue getting the same results.

Those who are able to get it working- is there anything I've overlooked?


THe fact Parsnip turns out to be jsut a cute girly/feminine boy and ALSO casually draws porn of him and one of his friends together is like...literally almost all the cute rabbit furs I know. Not so sure about the endings...but that part definitely nails how wholesome but lewd bunnies can be, lol. Also how he at one pount randomly says "i'm a boy!" so ya know he a cute boy. WOuld head pat. Maybe politely decline cake.

Deleted 1 year ago

The dialogue HEAVILY implies that the MC, Parsnip, drew porn of them and one fo the other characters together, lol

Deleted 1 year ago

To those who don't know, please be aware this is a horror game! If you aren't a big fan of horror elements, I wouldn't play. It isn't seriously bad but just a quick warning.

For some reason it won't stay open for more than a couple seconds... I really wish I could play the game!


I haven't finished the game yet, but some people says it's a horror game. i'm starting to think this is true because after clicking on the knife (the knife on magnificent magpie's hause) Parsnip says knives are very dangerous but the scripts comes slower than usual

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