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Parsnip is a character focused point and click adventure game about a hungry rabbit and his quest for cake.

Tragedy strikes when Parsnip realises he has run out of ingredients, and he must set off on an incredible adventure to ask his neighbours for help.


Traditionally animated hand drawn graphics!

A point and click adventure with an emphasis on characters!

Poor optimisation!

Over 500 lines of mildly amusing dialogue!

Like, a whole hour of gameplay!

Art Book:

Donate $3.08 or more and you can look at our concept art! How exciting!

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Recommended Specs:

Intel Core i5-6200U 2.30Ghz (2 core)Intel HD Graphics 5204GBWin 7 64


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i have not played it yet but it looks cute cant wait to play :}

its a horror game q-q unless you already know

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A really cute adventure! I love the art style an the dialogue made me laugh as well. Good job! 

This game is so awesome, hope to see more of this in the future!

Also, is there any connection to Gravity Falls other games that I'm missing from reading the description?

Is there a mac port?

Cute little horrory point and click! (And i love point and clicks.) The art style is wonderful, especially Parsnips excellent animations. The puzzles are pretty straightforward but not bad. The ending(s) area bit silly in my opinion, very over the top. But, I had a great time with it for sure. I wish there was an indication in the game that there's a second ending, since I didn't realize that initially.

I absolutely adore the art style.

i'm downloading it rn i'll reply with my thoughts when i'm done :]

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If I wasn't a broke teen I would pay $50 without hesitating for this game cause MY GOD is it cool, it's so cute, the deeper story behind it is really interesting, someday I'll donate my  whole bank account to the person who created this istg.

Holy shit. This game exceeded my expectations EXPONENTIALLY! I wont spoil anything, but heres some advice to anyone about to play: Click on and go through all the dialog, and save before deciding whether to share your cake. Enjoy!

nice little game. has bunnies so already i love it lol a channel i mod for recently played it. i totally missed those yellow king pages when i played

big fan

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This game. I have so much to say about it this might almost be like a real critic review. I have never seen a game so dedicated to the fine art of annoying the player. From the first moments of entering the game I foolishly decided to close the tutorial help screen without reading it, assuming i could get through the game on my own. However, you need to press SPACE or the SCROLL BUTTON on your mouse to open your INVENTORY. I pressed ESCAPE and it just immediately closed the game. A very nice touch. Everything about this game is annoying. The very slow gameplay, the absolute silence of the world except for the loud scribbling noises when the to-do list updates, the frustrating control layout which cannot be changed, the piss poor grammar, the bird's misused Shakespearean English, the extremely long and ultimately unnecessary dialogue, Parsnip's goose chase for cake ingredients, and his stupid little slow prancing walk. He prancercises everywhere. And possibly the most frustrating part is that we don't actually get any backstory or fulfillment on the OTHER story that took place in the background of this damn game. It's just Parsnip running around and then two very interesting and completely unexplained "where are they now" segments. I personally like ending the game by eating the whole cake myself, and hopefully if you've played the game you'll know why. 


wtf that end


After seeing this game this just makes me want a cartoon with these characters where parsnip annoys lerose every day getting her involved in weird occult shit, kind of in the vein of spongebob.


Awww, this looks so cute! BUT, i'm on itchi.o which mean that every  "cute"game will turn dark or  depressing .
10 minutes later : Yep! I was right .


I like this game and love the series, but i realized you can only play the game if you access the software via windows explorer, not via desktop, taskbar or steam if you connect it, only windows explorer, with the other methods an error message pops up stating the game is missing important files

Parsnip sure annoys the hell out of everyone.


It was so fun to play, tho the endings really caught me off guard 馃槄


This game was a ton of fun to play. The art style was a delight. The dialogue is witty. The tutorial pages make me giggle.   It was a great cute/spooky game to play on stream.  We had a blast playing this.  10/10 Worth.Every.Penny!
Thank you for such a wonderful fun game. 

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We really enjoyed playing & discussing Parsnip on Indie Game Club (it鈥檚 like a book club for indie games)! 

You can watch the video here:

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I really loved your game. I made a YouTube video on it if anyone would like to check it out.

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A great twist on the point and click of olden days. Hilarious dialogue and beautiful artwork. 

I actually first discovered this game through some fan art someone did! I thought this was super cool and I loved the hidden eye messages through the game. I also loved that Parsnip can poison everyone including goat man

this is wonderful, unsettling, and a beautiful look. One or two puzzles i didn't understand but i figured them out without any stress.

This was an amazing game, I appreciated the style and the atmosphere of it all. I felt unsettled throughout the whole game. 

I like this game.

I give it a 9/10.


its nice


I thought it would be a good idea to stream this game with my friends on Discord during my birthday party. Needless to say we all got depression.

10/10, would get depressed again.

Loved this game! I have a feeling this is gonna blow up soon! Good job!

hi! i really love this game! but unfortunately i have a problem. 1 minute after i start the game, it crashes. i'm really sad because i can barely play and continue the story... is there anywhere where i can look to fix this problem?

It sounds like a few people have this issue. sadly im not sure what could be causing it, and since i dont have the ability (or time) to easily look into the games workfiles anymore im unlikely to be able to fix it anytime soon : (


I spent forever trying to find a fourth eye because Rosie had a painting with 4 eyes and I thought there was something to that.

Really enjoyed this; loved the artstyle!


I don't know if anyone found this before, but while I was playing the game yesterday, I found three symbols throughout the game, called Yellow Signs. When pressed, sentences appear on the screen while a red and black background "pulsates" while the background sounds from the abandoned cottage plays. To me they seem to be said from the "New Friend's" point of view, of him discovering the Yellow King's Play, and transforming into a horrific beast. Have anyone else found them? Are there more? 


I found them too! But I don't seem to have found any more besides the one you mentioned (I think it's the game's way of foreshadowing)

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i mean it probably is from the new friend's point of view since one of the endings has a book of the king in yellow in the basement where they are


Cute and creepy with GORGEOUS art and animation! Loved it!

I'm gonna work hard on my art so I can get the art book.
I have to return the support that the others has given to me as an artist.
I really thought that Trixie will not contain some parts for LeRose and the other cast of Parsnip (that was kinda true, surprisingly).
I expect gaining some insight about the other casts like the Magnificent Magpie.

On my watch.

Okay, so when i watched video's from this game, i was too scared to play, Seems it was cute at first, but may get scary? Only at some part's, but when i played it, it was amazing i enjoyed it but didn't really mind anything about it, i also didn't know that Parsnip was a boy, Is parsnip kind of a femboy? Yeah i don't know,  i really like the art, it's really cute and the details are amazing! The squirrel girl is pretty much my favorite, same with the bird, i forgot her name!


Found a bug. Steam/Unity seems to think this is a VR game. SteamVR launches when I start parsnip.exe, and the game closes if I close SteamVR.

cool short game to waste an hour

such a fun game, brilliant way to spend and hour. I loved the visuals they're so cute. Im a sucker for a point and click adventure with great art. i know its not high on most peoples list but i was really greatfull for how simple the adventure was to. A lot of point and click games are soo confusing in how you have to solve them.  Great job

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